Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Social Responsibility

What is Social Responsibility?    
 social responsibility is making responsible decisions about behaviours, there are 5 levels of the being responsible. Starting from Being irresponsible(0) to Being the most social responsible(5). Social Responsibility means that individuals and companies have a duty to act in the best interests of their environments and society as a whole. Social Responsibility, as it applies to business, is known as corporate social Responsibility.

Thursday, 30 November 2017


Hi my name is johnlee and i go to amaki college it is fun here like all of the kid are caring sometime but there are same bad time for the last past weeks i being learning how to been a year 10 i need help with work same time like my social Sciences in 2017 and today  in my class 10Tsp we are learning math about how can we do well in math and not our basic facts or basic Skill  my goal for next year is to be ably to join thing like ruby you after school thing that my goal ..
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Friday, 2 December 2016

Glen Innes

for my learn today i had to think of thinks that can help Glen innes to be a good place in Auckland

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Fair Testing

Science Investigation
Fair Testing
Fill out the following table to help you explain the Growing in the dark: Plants and light experiment

Aim - what are you trying to find out?
We are trying to find out what the chemical change would do to the experiment
Hypothesis - what do you think your results will be?
The results might be a failure or a good chance of being a good experiment
Independent Variable - what variable will you change?
The changes will be that the plant will grow with the light caging the plant that's growing under the light.
Dependent Variable - what variable will you measure?
Measuring the plants how the growth has been for the last few day’s.
Controlled Variable - what variables will you keep the same?
I would focus on the bigger plantation how rotten or how big...

The students of Room 4 wanted to find out what colour of bird feeders birds preferred. FIll our the table below thinking of which variables you would make independent, dependent and controlled.

Aim - what are you trying to find out?
We are trying to find out who the bird feed other bird
Hypothesis - what do you think your results will be?
Well Blue would probably be suitable with the blue birds and the green with the green bird’s
Independent Variable - what variable will you change?
The color’s on the bird feeder
Dependent Variable - what variable will you measure?
It is we the feeder mant be big or not  would be.
Controlled Variable - what variables will you keep the same?
And it is The bird’s.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

New Boy

On the term of school and the first  day of school with a new boy named Josh and he was as fast as a cheetah with silk hair , he belonged to a High school named Hovell High school and on the first day of he already had friends named John Lee and Zane.

And it was morning tea they we're talking about how they’re life might go, John Lee said he would go to university, Zane said he was going to work at a farm but Josh life was going to be different his life was going to be like this, he was going to trial for a famous soccer team and keep building up and keeping climbing the ladder of inspiration and following his dreams, his friends just cheered him on to achieve his dreams.

Then something announced on the speaker “Hey Freshmen it's Coach  if you want a chance to be like the people playing in the big leagues now then sign up for a sport and you’ll achieve the dream.”

Then his friends cheered him on for that opportunity, so he went and signed up for two sports basketball and football (soccer) then he was called “Hey!”    

Then John turned around and said “Yes, Coach”       

“See you at trials tomorrow”

And he went home happy.

The next day he grabbed his football boots in his bag and also his shin pads and some spare socks, and he took his new Josh basketball shoes and he felt impressed about getting all these compliments at school about his shoes, as soon as he got to school he felt like one of the cool kids but everyone was normal then he felt embarrassed.

And the bell rang and it was time for trialling for football (soccer) he went to class first and soccer trials were after school then the bell rang and he finished all his work and homework, he started walking to the soccer field and as he was walking a crowd started to surround him and then he sat down with feeling awkward, then he pulled his soccer boots and everyone was amazed because he had the new messi boots which were bright with a mix of red and blue and he started to train with everyone cheering, then trials started minuets later up a against a new challenger named Lorenzo  he was the goodest player in the school and that's when he already knew he was going to lose then again it started with a one on one coach told Ryan “Choose a challenger Ryan anyone on the line”    

Then he called out “Josh!”

Josh was filling up quickly with fear then the whistle blew and the game started with embarrassment he was trying so hard he could not get the ball, in the crowd they were calling out “Josh, Josh, Josh!” and the other side said “Lorenzo,Lorenzo,Lorenzo,!” in a chanting voice, then it was over, He went home and put on his indoor soccer shoes and then he started practising twisting and turning around obstacles.

Then it was the last day of the week and it was the last trial to make the team as the day went on he wanted to finish it off properly and then he went to the field the crowd came back but with more signs and cheering and when it started Ryan chose Josh again and it was just like basketball, then he put his whole training into use but it was first to three, this time he started with the ball and started running up at the opponent then he started with a move called the roulette and did another move called the Ben chop and finished it off with a Ramona kick and he scored and it was the real challenge, score by score it was the last score to win he did his skills once more and he made the last goal and it went quiet.

He went home with all to talk about and his mum was so proud to see how much he has been training, during the weekends he kept on training so he would get prepared for the games that are coming soon, days later he went to school and people were surrounding the notice board he walked forward and people started to clear out, he went to go check and he searched for his name and his name was not found then he stormed off into class and everyone was afraid of him, after school he went home and stayed in his room for the rest of the day he next day he still felt heavy heated he went to go check again and it turned out the papers changes and he was the first one on the list for basketball and he was also in the A team he checked the other paper he also made the soccer team and again in the A team and he was  proud.

Five years later Josh became the smartest man in the world, Zane became the best farmer in all competitions, and finally Josh followed his dreams he became the best and he went up against the big teams he became rich and famous and he went up against Lorenzo the best soccer player and he even went up against Ben the best basketball player.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Cross country

It was a blazing hot day as i work up feeling confidence for school cross country to run in the reac so i got out of bed a go really. but i don’t care was people tell me that i can't do it or cane 1th as i was thinking. I did it care what i come in the Cross country i’m Champions As we all got really for cross country we had team name and my team was Te Aurere As Mrs Brut was tell as if you are big it does meter if you come need plats as long you never give.

The other year groups were going one by one boys they girls we were now only left with year 7 and 8 boys and girls still waiting in the sunny, then the countdown started with the year 7 boys going first out of the seniors “CLAP!” the year 7’s raced off to the course with two laps to start with ,minuets later the year 7 girls went to the starting with.

They is was time to start the race for the year 7 girls really “CLAP!” with two block then they Raced to the first checkpoint they had to run two laps like the 7 year boys. And minutes later then it was the year 8 boys turn we all stood up walking in a line to the starting line. As we stopped I started feeling butterfly they it started to go quiet “CLAP!” the race was off with everyone around me and trying to beat everyone else.

We passed the four checkpoints and then we went onto the big field and it started getting harder because I tried my hardest to not stop in the sun where is was hot, as we passed checkpoints under the trees then I started to cool of.

Then I passed the last checkpoint and then on to lap 2 then it started getting more hard because my legs started to feel like jelly but I always remembered “Champions never give up” and it kept repeating in my head with supporters on the side yelling “Go Red!” in the background I also heard “Go John Lee!” and I looked off to the side and I saw my parents cheering me on, then I started run faster and I passed more people then I also heard “CLAP!” I looked off to the side once more and I saw the Year 8 girls running and that told me I had to keep running.

As soon as I made it to the Pt England Reserve once more time to finish it off,then I met up with my friends and we all jogged together until we got near the finish i started to sprinting  leaving my friends be behind and as soon as i passed the park I knew it was over but I also remembered “Champions never give up” then  I started giving it my hardest and at last second i just passed my friend by and inch, while huffing and puffing I knew it was over and i was proud of myself giving it my best in the Cross country as i was drink water.    

Friday, 19 August 2016

What is sleep

This Explanation is going to outline the process of sleep . The process of sleep is a cycle where our bodies and our minds recover. Our bodies require sleep everyday so we can function to the best of our ability.

Sleep is something that allows your whole body to rest, heal and regenerate, the brain also organises the good information and throw the bad information in the bin and will never need to be needed in our live.

We have been sleeping for 24 years by putting different people to sleep ,six or eight hours or even longer. The person who slept 8 hours will have a good day of memorising and learning new things, yet the person who slept 6 hours will have a similar reaction to a drunk person.

Then the 4 hours sleepers had to suffer of sleeping during their maths test or sleeping during their work shift, normally we should sleep up to 7-8 hours or over, if we sleep under 7-8 hours we have a high risk of heart disease,obesity and diabetes which a 12% high risk of death.

If you know that their are different types of sleep, deep sleep and light sleep, when you start to sleep you first start sleeping in a deep sleep, (deep sleep is when you can’t be waken and you can’t see or hear anything) then it goes to a light sleep where you start dreaming, then you go back into a deep sleep, it process repeats every time you sleep.